The transmission of scientific knowledge, experimental skills and transfer of research findings is one of INRAE's objectives. To this end, all the staff of Le Pin experimental unit regularly welcome and supervise students in the context of internships and apprenticeships. The possibility of following the progress of an experiment on dairy farming is often a unique opportunity for training.

From the agricultural « BTS » to the doctorate, including students in professional licenses, university masters, engineers, veterinarians, etc., the interns come from a wide range of training structures.

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Active participation of trainees and apprentices in the activities of Le Pin


In connection with ongoing experiments on dairy cattle genetics, on the various existing dairy farming systems, or on forage digestibility, the internships offered by the INRAE Le Pin experimental unit combine practical activities and research sciences; indeed, the interns take part in experimental measurements with the field teams, but also in the analysis of the data with the research teams.