Involved researchers : Luc Delaby (UMR Pégase), Pauline Martin & Didier Boichard (UMR GABI)

In a current context where farms are gathering and enlarging their herds, the Tripl'XL project, which will last at least 6 years, is part of a dynamic to enhance the value of grazing by large herds of dairy cows.

Tripl'XL intro
© INRAE / Luc Delaby

The objectives of this experimentation are multiple:

  • To observe the behaviour of dairy cows in a grazing system in order to characterise the well-being of the dairy cow on pasture.
  • To study the influence of breed, size (through divergent selection) and distribution of nutrient intake during lactation on body reserves, their variations and the ability of cows to produce and reproduce in a grazing system.


But what is it in practice ?

Tripl'XL 1
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Tripl'XL 2
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